Monday, January 29, 2007

Scifi Podcast

The universe of the Podcast has grown in leaps and bounds. One of my favorites is the science fiction podcast, Escape Pod. This podcast is provides weekly science fiction and/or fantasy short stories. They have featured authors as well known as Robert Silverburg and Robert J. Sawyer. The host, Steve Eley, offers an informative and intersting commentary prior to and just after the story. Escape Pod has been around since May of 2005, so if you haven't listened then there are eighty plus stories back logged for you.

One of my favorites is "I Look Forward to Remembering You" by Mur Lafferty, a sweet story of time travel and true love. I also enjoyed listening to "Squonk the Dragon" by Pete Butler. I listened to this with my kids, and my nine year old daughter loved.

It isn't new or news, but if you haven't listened then check it out.

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