Thursday, February 1, 2007

Boston 'Terrorist' Hoax

The whole uproar over the Boston 'Terrorist Hoax' proves that everyone in government is a moron. And, these morons all take themselves way too seriously. The whole world is reaching a point where everything is overanalyzed to the point of absurdity. Take for example the discussion on Fox's O'reilly Report where they discussed the comedy of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. One of the commentors, in response to 'why are these guys so popular?', said roughly, 'because they are making fun of people, bringing them down, and everybody in our mean society likes to see people taken down a little.' WRONG. They are funny because the point out the patently absurd behaviour that people such as yourselves take too seriously and pundit into the ground. Come on America, you don't have to get your sense of humor back, but at least loosen up a little.

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