Saturday, February 3, 2007

Procrastination or Addicted to Potential

How many people start a diet, but never follow through? How many people start writing a book, but never follow through? How many people start projects of a regular basis, but never follow through?

Yep, almost everybody, and most of them bemoan their lack of focus, dilligence, and will power. My new theory is that people fail and then restart for a completely different reason, we are addicted to the potential of a new beginning.

Relationship books and articles abound discussing the intense emotions found early in relationships and how this fades over time. Well, the same is true of any project. Start a new book and burn through the first few chapters, but then the novelty (pardon the impartial pun) wears off. Those original embers of creative passion are gone, and you find yourself slogging through the book (the real work of real writers.) The antidote? For some, we call them successful people, the push on with the chose project. The rest of us? We crave the fire of a newborn volcano, and we begin a new project (or book or diet or choose your passion.)

Unfortunately, I have no answer to this affliction, but isn't knowing about it supposed to help?

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