Thursday, February 15, 2007

Current Media Intake

I'm reading two books, 'Fire Upon the Deep' by Vernor Vinge and 'Starfish' by Peter Watts. (I mentioned FUD early, but I've gotten distracted and haven't finished it.) 'Fire Upon the Deep' won the Hugo in 1993, and 'Starfish' didnt, but at the halfway point the latter book seems much better to me. I love good ideas, but I want characters that compel me to continue reading. So far, Vinge has not produced those characters. Perhaps this part of the book will improve, or maybe there is a slam bang ending, but right now I'm a little dissappointed. (I'm a big believer that a good, or bad, ending can redeem, or kill, a book, but that is another post.) Starfish has some very interesting characters, but the plot hasn't progressed much, assuming a plot exists. Still, it's too early to decide on either book, but I was struggling for a topic today.

It's funny. I thought a blog would be easy, but there isn't as much going on in my noggin as I imagined. My mind constantly turns over thoughts, but many (most) of them seem unworthy of an entry. But, I think these ideas will begin to leak into the blog from sheer desperation.

So, I just watched 'Dune', the David Lynch version. This proves one of my guiltiest pleasures. Despite the bad reviews, I like this movie, always have. Oh the acting can be terrible, such as when Kyle MacLachlan repeats his girlfriend's words,

"Tell me of your home world" big pause "Usul."

Awful, but in a great eighties kind of way. Hell, I even thought Sting did a decent job.

My attention span is flagging, thus I'm off to watch 'Soylent Green'. I've never seen it, but I'll let you know. Goodnight.

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