Saturday, February 24, 2007


I stink when it comes to dilligence. I don't seem capable of maintaining focus over any length of time, thus no blog entries in more than a week. But, I'll continue to try.

If the tone of this entry feels depressing that's because I'm depressed. I received a rejection email today. If I haven't told you, I'm an unpublished writer, and that title will not change today. I submitted a story that I felt good about, but the editors didn't. So, I'm still just a veterinarian with a dream of becoming a published writer.

Initially, I felt down regarding the letter and then I tried to spin it in a positive light. 'All writers get rejected, this just makes me one of them. I'll come back strong.' This fabrication worked for about ten minutes, but then I went down again, quickly.

If there was anyone out there, how would you deal with repeated rejection?

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