Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Kid Reading

My daughter is reading the fourth book in the 'Gregor the Overlander' series; she is an avid reader, and really seems taken with these books by Suzanne Collins. And, I just started reading my son 'Redwall.' He seems to identify with Matthias, and I like the book myself. It is taking him a little while to get into the book. Jacques uses language that is descriptive and beyond most five year olds,

"A curious thrush perching in a gnarled pear tree watched the two figures make their way at a sedate pace in the direction of the Great Hall, one clad in the dark greeny-brown of the order, the other garbed in the lighter green of a novice."

Perhaps your advanced five year old knows what gnarled and novice mean, but mine doesn't, yet. We're going slow, a few pages a night, but we'll finish it eventually. Goodnight, I'm off to the world of Redwall.

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